How to Be a Bad Theologian


I’ve been thinking this morning about, of all things, hockey pools. For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon, a group of friends get together before the season and pick which NHL players they think will score the most points in the upcoming season. You assemble your roster and then watch to see how they perform against other people’s rosters in the year ahead. I’ve been doing this with a bunch of guys over the past few days. I tend to be pretty terrible at hockey pools, but it’s all good fun.

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Jesus Goes to Urgent Care

Chief among the illusions recently enlisted in making America great again is the conceit that this is a Christian nation. Well, after his experience at Urgent Care the other day, Jesus might beg to differ.  I took Jesus in because a capillary in his eye had ruptured. Actually, I took Francisco, my co-worker, but he’s... Continue Reading →

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